Art, close to Nature

Winter Portrait

Inspired by Nature

Art, that is inspired by nature and crafted in a way, as close to nature as possible.

My art is designed to remember the viewer of his connection to nature. To make the soul sing and to get the inspiration one might need to take action and follow the dreams of his heart.

Co-creating with Nature

As an actress, artist and nature lover, I’ve decided to learn about ancient ways of crafting and rediscover old traditions. I want to learn about growing and harvesting plants in a sustainable way of living and to get to know our Mother Nature better every day.

I want to create as close to nature as possible by using ancient tools and crafting with my own hands.

To get inspired, I simply go outside into nature. She is the greatest artist. Her pictures are alive, her concerts unique and everything – even the smallest creation – is surrounded by a heavenly enchantment. She creates life and her creations are growing and changing all the time, full of beauty and magic. And I want to share just that with the people.

Welcome to my Homepage

I’m Johanna, a child of nature and an artist.

Since my early childhood, nature and her animals has always been of very high importance/value to me. And since then I also loved to create. I learned to use different mediums while growing up, I created all different kinds of art, but whatever I did, there has always been a connection to nature somewhere in my creations. Whether I painted animals, I knitted woolen garments or used the spoken language to describe nature.

And that’s what I’m all about today too. I want to learn everything about nature, about creating in the most nature friendly way possible and about the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors. And I want my creations and products to be an inspiration and a reminder of that connection to nature, that is with all of us.

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Portrait Johanna