Johanna Klugsberger

Born in the city of Vienna, I grew up mostly at my grandma’s place in the Austrian countryside, where I discovered nature, dug snow holes with my sister and learned to ride horses. I was taught how to do handicraft such as knitting, stitching and carving, handle old tools like a scythe and axes and my family even managed to built an igloo.

But as the years went by, I had less and less time to go to the countryside. All my time went into school and studying and i spent more and more time in the city and indoors. Even when nature was just outside, waiting for me to come.

I never completely forgot about my deep connection to her though. It was always there, somewhere inside myself. It was just covered by all the things I thought I had to achieve, before I was allowed to take some rest and spent time in nature again.

But as you can guess, it didn’t work out that way. You can’t disconnect from where your soul feels alive and still stay healthy. Not even if you do all the other stuff you really love doing. You need to have a place, where you can feel at home. A place, where you can rest and just do nothing but following your thoughts about life itself.

Well. I had to discover that on my own and decide to take back responsibility for my life. I had to make some time to spend in nature. To reconnect and recharge myself. And even if it took me some time to get there, to allow myself to be happy again and to be alive, I got curious. Curious about what I didn’t know about nature and traditions yet.

And so I decided to rediscover traditional ways of working and all the old skills. I want to learn how to live without electricity. How to grow my own food. And how all my creativity can go along with that.